So God Dam Annoyed History Repeating

Ok this is a rant.  Im fuming right now.  So mad in fact I cant even think straight.

So some background.  Mid last year friends of ours recommended a mechanic to us, as he was just starting out, and needed customers.  I have taken 4 different cars to him spending a combined amount of around $5k.  Not a bad customer hey.   Well I was invited for drinks each Friday at the end of the day, and to help clean up. You know move cars around tidy up etc.

Well all was fine, in fact before the long weekend Greg had come over to see my partner and myself at Bunnings in the car park all friendly etc.  I saw him this Monday just been to replace the alternator ribbed belt, he was rather cool but I was unwell so decided to let it slide and catch up for a cold can of coke on Thursday.  I turned up Thursday was was given the cold shoulder.  Thought ok he was probably a bit busy, so turned up for drinks on Friday.  He walked out and left me there.

So come to last night.  I went to bed early and my partner was still at work.  Apparently he received a call from the mutual friend who had put us onto Greg telling me not to turn up for social calls any more.  WTF

Like not a week ago it was all great I spent over $100 with him on Monday  he had 2 chances to talk to me face to face, he has my mobile phone number and my home number and I hear this from a 3rd party.  Who is also in my bad books for stirring shit of late as well.  I will now take the Renaults to Hans at the Euro shop and the Navara can go back to Parrys or Pit Straight.  Greg can get screwed

I was more than just a customer to this guy I helped him with the business side as well giving him ideas and help when he needed it, and now I am no longer welcome.  He and his family and my partners friends can all go fuck themselves.  I wonder time and time again why the hell I bother.  I have a small group of friends who are close, they give me no grief in fact they have a habit of helping to much at times.  I have had enough of being treated badly when people have what they want out of me.

Im sick of ungrateful assholes who think that they can treat me like shit.  Im debating right now adding his business name to this blog so it shows up in searches. I know this site is read heavily and about 1/3 from this part of the world.   Greg is not trustworthy, he turns on people when he sees fit, and forgets who helped him get off the ground.  What he forgets is that people like me put a lot of people onto his business and now I will be suggesting they go elsewhere   It works both ways in this world and I am sick of being the nice guy.  Seems like being an asshole is the only way to get anywhere.

I also know about the serious mistakes he made, where cars were not fixed dangerous things that happened in the workshop.  I know a lot of the deep bad things that happened, now I have to decide if I want to use that and be a mean asshole like he has to me.  Fuck I so want to ring some relevant authorities on Monday.

Anyway over this shit with people.  I think I am better off alone and with my small group of friends and to keep the fuck away from anyone else.  Seems im safer that way.  As for my partner, well that's another story unless some things change I wont be around to see the end of that either.


  1. what goes around comes around Horse, the asshats all get their come uppence eventually

  2. Update Happy to say he had to close his doors after not paying creditors and had his RWC authority removed after one of his cars failed a main roads inspection. In the end he shot himself in the foot his work dried up and it was over. You cant screw people time and again word gets around.


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