Its bloody confusing is what it is.

Hey all, well have started the final purchasing for the stereo upgrade in the car.  Getting speakers, sizes, power and amplifiers is nothing short of a nightmare.

Doesn't help that we have two ways of rating speaker power, and that I am heavily restricted to a small 5 1/4 inch front speakers as there is simply no way to put a larger one in.  The OEM speakers were hopeless and the back ones still are.

I think im getting closer to a solution now with a custom built parcel shelf, thinking of putting in two 6x9 inch 1000w speakers and a set of 6.5inch three way 500w speakers.  Using a 4 way amp to run the front speakers and the 6x9 speakers and then use a split and a 2 way speaker to run the 6 1/4's.

The fronts I think I have finally settled on a set of 5 1/4 in three ways 200 watt.  If they turn out to be a loss I will look at upgrading them to a 6 inch somehow,.  My primary issue is the mounting point in the front door does not allow for a smooth installation of anything larger.  Will post on the site and ask if anyone has managed to do it.

Anyway hope your all doing well



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