Recollections dieting is hard work

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I have not had a great 3 days on the diet, have eaten each day and have actually gained some weight.  Yes heaven forbid.  But there are some real reasons which I have realized while driving to pick my partner up from the clubs at nearly 4.00am.

I have noticed that if I don't get enough sleep I seem to not loose weight but worse consecutive days of no sleep I seem to gain weight.  Last night I only managed about 5 hours sleep the night before 6, and tonight isn't looking much better.

Im not sure there is much science to all of this, but I know I always flush more fluid from my body after a good sleep, normally busting to go when I wake up.  If I don't get enough sleep I don't need to go when I wake up.  Like I said, Im not sure there is any real science to it, but its an observation I have made about myself.

I have been seriously beating myself up over the lack of weight loss and the gain but its looking more and more like there are real reasons for it happening, other than me eating food.

On a side note, the car is running awesome it got a very hard run up Mt Stuart two nights ago and the engine is running and sounding sweet.  The need for new brake pads (we were told 3 months ago) has come to term, I will grab a cheap set of pads locally and order the performance disks and pads after we move.  Toying with the Idea of buying a 2000-2001 Landrover TD5 for myself after the next project, I have owned one once and they are dirt cheap now, be interested in owning another.

Other than that things are going well on the house hunt but its hard work working out where we should be.  Spoke with the land lords tonight, they would like to come home as soon as possible.  Legally we can stay till July but we are doing them a favor and allowing for a break lease so they can move home.  Hope we may have a place in the next 7 to 10 days.  But the real work starts after that with organizing movers and relocating all the services including electricity internet phones etc.


  1. dieting is hard when you are also house hunting, major stressor!

    Don't be too hard on yourself and good luck with your hunt for somewhere to live

  2. Thanks Sharron; We applied for a beautiful home today, we went and looked yesterday and the place suits the way we live right down to the last detail. Its been a hard hunt and very very stressful. So fingers crossed Monday or Tuesday we will get notification that we have been accepted.

    Interestingly the place has been empty for 6 weeks and not a single application, seems the universe has this one in line for us. It backs onto natural bushland, and major parks shopping centers are close by also. Fingers toes, legs and arms crossed.


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