Another Concord Moment

Well I am pretty sure I will never see two Holden Kingswoods side by side in a workshop ever again. 

When I was 18 and first got my licence a Holden Kingswood Premier with a 4.2ltr V8 was the car everyone wanted to own.  These days however they are relics of a bygone era.  My mate Greg had both these cars in the workshop today, both being restored as cruise cars.  I highly doubt I will ever see two of them in a workshop again in my life, as they become rarer by the year.

Each year that passes cars that I remembered as brand new during my childhood disappear from the roads forever.  I think sometimes its one of the hardest things about growing up, seeing the cars you had on posters on your wall vanishing forever.

You will note the second car is but a shell, its being restored and a LS1 and automatic gearbox will be installed.  The owner is hoping it to be ready for his wedding in July.  They would want to get their finger out for it to be ready by then.


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