40th Birthday Present update

Well you all saw my huge swipe at Eonon and the quality of their service and equipment.  I think I remember in an earlier post saying I was 100% happy with the sound in the car and the way it balanced.

Well F**k me dead, I installed a single din JVC unit that we purchased a little while ago.  It blew my socks off the sound was awesome to a point I took a quick video for you all.  Ohh and no picking on the music it was to adjust the sound with :)

Sorry about the sound quality was only taken using the phone, im rather excited its all in and working well.  I have to take it a little easy on the speakers, although the amps wont push them to breaking point this will be the first real run in with clear signal.  I did push it till nearly max earlier and it was breath taking the kick of those rears in the seat is an experience for sure.  Next.... Lets que up some Metallica :)



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