The Saga is over.

Does happy dance around the desk...

The car is fixed everyone.  It went to the Euro specialist yesterday and well, he worked out what was wrong and its all fixed and running like a dream.  He took off the Throttle body and cleaned it then proceeded to pull the leads off every sensor and clean them.  Unplugged the ECU from the loom and then put it all back together.  Problem solved.

Basically one of the connectors was dirty and giving bad feedback to the ECU, the ECU didnt know what to do so got all hung up.  After the error codes were cleared and everything back together the problem is solved.

More interesting is the fact he said the car must have sat for a while for the connectors to get dirty as normal day to day usage keeps the connectors from corroding.  Now the hard decision do I keep it or buy something else.


  1. Nice one, happy to hear you have got it fixed. Difficult decision to buy or to sell, good luck with that :)

  2. Yeah the buy sell thing is difficult but will wait till after christmas either way


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