Its the day to day things that get you

Hey all, I know recently I have been sounding more militant than usual.  I think because I feel like the system isn't working even for me.  I have had a gut full of my school, I am so over it I am contemplating withdrawing for good on Monday.  I have such a sour taste in the mouth from last semester and although I have tried to convince myself its not that bad.  It actually is.

To top this off, I have been working with a customer towards a couple of solutions for them that they might be able to take, to be told point blank I was too expensive last week.  Yet I know that I am a good $6k a year cheaper than what they had.

So I feel nothing wants to go my way that I am going to be forever stuck on this ride.  I have had some thoughts about the business and the backup and going to see if I cant re-start the advertising and use web with some local based stuff to give a better kick off but I am unsure of if I can even afford to do that right now.

Im at a cross roads in some ways, if I choose to continue the study then I will head down the road that way and where ever it may take me, the more and more I look the more I realize there isn't much work available there either.  If I choose to stay in it and the backup then I need to commit whole heartedly to doing that, and try like crazy to get some kind of outcome for myself there.  After all there has been a sizeable commitment equipment wise already.

I feel lost and without a paddle to steer me right.  I think I am at one of those points where my decisions now will effect everything for the rest of my life.



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