Merry Christmas

In a couple hours it will be Christmas here.  Once that would mean getting dressed for midnight mass.  I however stopped many years ago now, im not one to be a hypocrite and attend only for the major occasions   I don't feel I should so I don't.  Though it has been made perfectly clear by our local church I am not welcome anyway.

I have not lost the main reasons for Christmas, and that is the belief of many that man's saviour was born.  I don't consider myself a Christian any more, and although many would see it as a bad thing, I don't.  You see when my Church banished me and my kind and then actively campaigned against us, I was left with no choice.  You see my point for acceptance has always been that everyone is made in the image of God.  Each of us is therefore perfect, so how can being me be wrong.

With all my mental health issues to carry on with, I could not fight to reconcile with the differences.  Instead, I chose to see if anyone could help me on my way through life.  Based on the fact that I do believe that there is only one god, and we all worship him in different ways, I found Buddhism to be a fundamentally stable and acceptable alternative to what I had been raised on.

So tonight I dont celebrate the Christian Saviour, but I do celebrate being with family and friends over this time of the year.

As such I wish you all a safe and happy Christmas, be safe on our roads and please don't drink drive, after all I want to hear from you guys in the new year.

Best wishes and love



  1. It is already Christmas where you are, although I hope you are not already up!!

    Same back at ya Horse, a safe, happy Christmas and 2013, and don't worry, my car is parked up in the garage, wont be moved for 2 days until I have stopped baking my internal organs in red wine :)

    Merry Christmas x

  2. Good to hear about locking up the keys Sharron. Boxing day myself and my best friend drove the 2.5 hours to mission beach. I went there to lay a wreath for my dad and to wish him a merry christmas. My best friend also laid a wreath for his mum. We both then went into town and had lunch while watching the holiday makers walking around the shops.

    Its a long way to go on a day, but essential for me anyway. Hope you had a good one


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