Death from the skies

I know I haven't been around much, for that I do apologise for those who I have not been reading and commenting, I will be doing so in the next couple days.  The long and the short of it, been really busy business is doing things which is great for me, but means less down time to blog.  Have made some changes to make that better so should be around for a bit.

Anyway was watching a doco tonight on old war birds, so thought I would do a photo blog from images around the web of those beautiful fighting machines.  Of course I wont get them all but if you can think of something that I should most definitely add please let me know.

Sopwith Pup WWI
Sopwith Camel

Supermarine Spitfire 



Mitsubishi Zero

Dehavilland Mosquito Fighter Bomber

P45 Mustang

F86 Saber
Mig 15

F4-C Phantom

Mig 21

Well that's as many as you get this post.  I will make another post over the Christmas period going into detail the development of the modern fighter jets by model.  I will also add combat status and kills as recorded during the more recent conflicts. 

When you own the sky you own the battlefield, death from the skies.

NB all images are copyright as per their owners, I have gathered these images as representations of each model.  If you require an image to be removed please contact me as per contacts for this blog.


  1. I like the first the Saber and the Migs. Those were sharp.

  2. Yeah they were real fly by the seat of your pants machines. Real dog fighting in close and personal. I could not even imagine the reflexes required to fly one of those early jets in combat. I also love the way that the pilots on both sides thinks that the opposition aircraft was better than there own.


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