Last couple of weeks.

Hi all;

You probably all noticed my absence yes it happened again, I vanished into the great interwebs.  No but really, I have been busy getting things done.  We were going away today to the southern states, but a few things have changed and we wont be going.  Both my partner and I have trips to Brisbane in the next two months for school and that realistically will be the end of any journey we wanted to take for pleasure.

But I have been busy installing the 40th birthday present as each group of parts arrived, had a couple of hiccups, I blew one amp to kingdom come, it was nearly on fire by the time I cut the power.  This afternoon I finally got everything hooked up and running, have front and rear running even if it is a little unbalanced.  The head unit has an issue with left RCA output, ie there is none, so working with the supplier to work out a solution.

To be honest with you all I am proud of this achievement, its tidy and done properly, all wires are shielded, secured and to be honest its a really neat job.  I made the right choice with speakers, amps and ultimately my decision to go an extra heavy gauge for main power and earth. Considering I purchased most everything from ebay site unheard, I did well.  There was one exception however.

I purchased an 8 gauge install kit from an ebay seller, you will see in the pics below that it was definitely not 8 gauge but 16 gauge.  I have a habit of stress testing my cables for the max amp draw before I install them, the last photo are what happened to the wire when I did.  That could have been fatal to the amps, and worse still you will see it blew through, that it fire starting material right there.  

Grey Cable is 8 gauge earth wire note the thickness difference

Blow through .  There is an electrical fire starter if I ever saw it.

Before someone says where was the fuse about the last photo the fuse was set for an 8 gauge maximum draw, the wire failed first.  I hope that brings home to people how serious this is.

Anyway I gave the ebay seller a not so good rating and they have agreed to replace the kit with the one I should have gotten.  I have however warned them that if they do not change their advertisement in the next 48 hours I will inform ebay of the miss advertising.  Im worried someone won't check and they will loose and amp or worse the car.

Its not a fun thing to have to do, but 12 Volts can still cause some major issues if not treated properly.

Other than that I successfully finished my first semester and was congratulated by my teachers for the quality of the works I submitted.  We start week 2 of second semester tomorrow, and im loving the new subjects already.

On the IT front setup a NAS using Freenas so we now have 8 TB on the home network, will go get a WD TV unit tomorrow and set that up and we can finally centralize all of our movies, tv shows and everything else we have down loaded.  Loving FreeNas and the ZFS file system, its simply amazing, if you want to learn about ZFS file system and how simply awesome it is check out this Link.  Also a quick note here, freeNas is an IXSytems product that is provided free.  IXSystems are responsible for the desktop version of BSD and I think that they are one of the best OS alternatives out there.

Been re watching Ghost in the Shell Stand alone Complex, the last week, man now I know why I loved it so much the first time around, but as you all know I am an anime fan anyway.

Hope your all well will drop by your blogs later on this week and say hi.  



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